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Moonspell Rites Productions Releases:


Distribution list:Trades/sales

''For the distribution/sales list, you also can check on Discogs.''


Marduk- Opus Nocturne LS (Size: XL).
Not the cheesy reprint, but the 1st original print. MUST! In high quality condition.
No holes, nor stains !!!

Siebenbürgen- Loreia LS/TS (Size: XL).
1st original print. MUST! In high quality condition.
No holes, nor stains !!!

Siebenbürgen- Grimjaur LS/TS (Size: XL).
1st original print. MUST! In high quality condition.
No holes, nor stains !!!

Agalloch- The Compendium Archive 1996-2006 view
Limited edition of 250 hand-numbered copies. Only sold at 2 Romanian gigs in 2010.

Peste Noire- Peste Noire CD/Digibook CD view

For sale/trade:

There are still items left in stock which are still for sale/trade.

Void of Silence-The sky over Digipack CD 1X 
God Dethroned-Passiondale (Passchendaele) Digipack 2XCD 1X 
Moonspell-Darkness & Hope CD (still sealed) 1X
Moonspell-Irreligious CD (rerelease) Comes with 1 bonustrack 1X
Necrophobic-Womb of lilithu 2lp (black) 250 copies worldwide 1X
Batuskha-Litourgiya lp (gold) 1X
Siebenburgen-Loreia lp (black) IN STOCK lim.500 copies handnumbered 2X
Siebenburgen-Grimjaur lp (black) IN STOCK lim.500 copies handnumbered 2X


Satyricon-live at the Opera 3lp (black) 1X
Slaughter Messiah-Putrid Invokation 12´´ BUNDLE! with baseball tshirt (XL) 1X
Featuring Lord Sabathan (Ex-ENTHRONED) on bassguitar,vocals.
Graveyard Ghoul-The living cemetary CD 1X
Graveyard Ghoul-The living cemetary lp (black) 1X 
Soul Dissolution-Pale distant light Digipack CD 2X
Their debut! Featuring Marche Funebre, L'Hiver en Deuil members.
Obsidian Tongue-A nest of ravens in the throat of time (import from Canada) CD 4X
Bought in straight from the Hypnotic Dirge Records shop. 1st press, and totally sold-out !
Black Metal from the United States. Featuring guest appearance by John Haughm (Agalloch, Pillorian).

AGALLOCH- Faustian echoes mcd BUNDLE! with tshirt (XL) 1X
New!In Schrinkwrap! Sold as a bundle.With an AGALLOCH ''Of Stone, Wind, And Pillor'' (front and backprint) tshirt (size:XL)
NATTERGAL-Apocalypse of Soul CD (NEW ALBUM, 2018) 2X
Les Discrets- Ariettes Oubliées... lp (Clear vinyl). Including poster. 1X
Comes with a free Prophecy Productions compilation CD (2017).Limited edition 500 copies.
Odem Arcarum-Outrageous Reverie Above The Erosion Of Barren Earth 2lp (black) 1X
Limited edition of 400 copies.Comes with an envelope including postcards.
Featuring Michael Zech (Ar, Arioch) from Secrets of the Moon.
Kalmah-For The Revolution CD 1X 
Deluxe jewelcase.1st press (2008)
SAURON-True Hate Embodiment Demo mcd/mlp BUNDLE! with tshirt (XL) 1X view
Comes with the album 'No Light Behind ...' of SAURON members side-band Abysmal Darkening. Doom Metal of great quality !!! view

I have a nice offer for you. I am selling or trading my SAURON collection. You know? The band which once was signed to Carnal Records. 175 - DISCOUNT! 160,- EURO.

Tshirt (XL) True Hate Embodiment. (demodays)
In great quality. No holes nor stains.

Death, Tyranny, War...Blasphemy 
100 copies were made.
True Hate Embodiment EP
True Hate Embodiment MCD
Split. Fluisterwoud EP
Universe of Filth CD 
For a Dead Race CD
The Channeling Void CD

Abysmal Darkening-No Light Behind... CD
Feat. 2 SAURON members.High quality DOOM Metal!

Comes with a SAURON button, and some flyers.
Please, do let me know.'

SOLD !!! SOLD !!! SOLD !!! SOLD !!! SOLD !!!

STALAGGH-  :Projekt Nihil: 12''lp (black) BUNDLE! with the 7''ep 'Stalaggh' 1X
Both are limited edition and handnumbered copies of 'Project Nihil' 034/500 and  'Stalaggh' 92/300. NOISE MUSIC!

Torrent-Between The Stones MCD/MLP BUNDLE! Same material on both.1X
Featuring Akhenaten (Judas Iscariot) and Rene 'Kanwulf' Wagner of Nargaroth.view
Saison De Rouille- Caduta Dei Gravi Digipack CD 1X
French Avantgarde Black Metal, released by Necrocosm Records in 2013.

Malhkebre- Revelation Digipack CD 1X
Harsh Black Metal from France. Released in 2014 by Voidhanger Records.

Emperor-Emperial live Ceremony VHS 1X
Various- Fuck the Commerce VHS 1X 

Latest additions: AGALLOCH-Faustian echoes BUNDLE! mcd+tshirt (XL) 1X
Les Discrets- Ariettes Oubliées... Clear vinyl  1X
NATTERGAL-Apocalypse of Soul CD 2X (2018)

Tshirts, longsleeves, Hooded Sweatshirt/ Zipper  for sale: All size (XL), or otherwise stated.The condition is NEW or 1st owner, great condition. No holes, nor stains!

''Most are 1st print or limited edition, and natural go away by a fixed price. NO BIDS, or OFFERS! They will get automatically refused.'' 

SPECIAL OFFER !!! Cypress Hill- Black Sunday LS 30,- Euro.
Import from the United States. Only frontprint. Bought at Glorious Merchandising shop. 
(The labeltag says size XL, but looks more like a size L). view

Slaughter Messiah-Putrid Invokation 12´´ BUNDLE! tshirt (XL) 40,- Euro.
Featuring Lord Sabathan (Ex-ENTHRONED) on bassguitar,vocals. Comes with a front, and backprint. Really nice design!  

AGALLOCH- Faustian echoes mcd BUNDLE! with tshirt (XL) 40,- Euro.
New!In Schrinkwrap! Sold as a bundle.With an AGALLOCH ''Of Stone, Wind, And Pillor'' (front and backprint) tshirt (size:XL)

SAURONTrue Hate Embodiment Demo mcd/mlp BUNDLE! with tshirt (XL) 45,-
Tshirt from the demodays. Straight from corresponce with the drummer of the band.

Angantyr-Keep those Churches burning ts (XL) 35,- Euro.
Long-time sold out shirt from this Denmark Black Metal band.
Logo on front, burning church on back.

Motorhead-Best of... ts (XL) 15,- Euro.
Ulver-Wolf tshirt (XL) 45,- Euro.
Front. Wolf devours man (large print) back. Ulver ''Wolf'' triangle (large print).Bootleg (?!)

Taake-Goat HSW (XL) 50,- Euro. 
First print! Got it immediately when it came out.
Carpathian Forest- Carpathian Forest ts (XL) Superrare! 45,- Euro.
Front.Old logo, back. Forest picture with below a line of text.
Mayhem- 25th Year anniversary Hood.Zipper (XL) 50,- Euro.
First owner. Hardly worn. As new!
Koldbrann-Nekrotisk inkvisition ts (XL) 45,- Euro.
Shirt from their debut album! First owner. RARE!
Orcustus- Orcustus Hood.Zipper (XL) 60,- Euro.
Band with Gehenna, Enslaved, Carpathian Forest, Gorgoroth members in the ranks.
BehemothSventevith, Storming Near the Baltic LS (XL) 35,- Euro.
Not sure how many of the reprints there were. Complete unworn, and new. (2nd reprint?)

Sektemtum-Aut Caesar, Aut Nihil ts (XL) 30,- Euro.
Band with Meyna'ch (Mutiilation, Hell Militia) in the ranks. NEW STATE!
Den Saakaldte/ShininG- Shining/Den Saakaldte ts (XL) 45,- Euro. 
Came with the 7'' split ep, as a bundle.Was in the period Niklas Kvarforth was still active in Den Saakaldte. RARE!

Emperor- Anthems to the Welking at Dusk LS (XL) 50,- Euro.
Not sure how many of the reprints there were.Think I have the 2nd reprint.
I know this shirt is hard to find on the market nowadays.
Dodheimsgard- Kronet til Konge ts (XL) 35,- Euro.
Reprint by Fullmoon Shop.Very nice, and unique design.Comes with front.backprint.
Limited edition, and superrare!

Satyricon- Pesten 1349 HSW (XL) 50,- Euro.
HSW with old logo design. Backprint shows ''NORGE'' in silver letters.
In Aeternum-Tour 2005 LS (XL) 45,- Euro.
Tourshirt from these Swedish Death Metal legends. Print on front, and sleeves. No backprint! Bought it at one of the shows in 2005, during their European tour. RARE!

Watain- Lawless Darkness Hood.Zipper (XL) 60,- Euro.
Comes with round leather Wolf patch sewed on the sleeve. Only 10 Patches were made.
Watain- Trident Wolf Eclipse LS (L) 45,- Euro.
NEW! Came with the boxset. Except the Distributor give me the wrong size Shirt.

Deathcult- Cult of the Dragon ts (XL) 25,- Euro.
Feat.Taake, Gaahlskagg members.

Gorgoroth- Destroyer ts (XL) 40,- Euro.
Reprint.Not sure how many were made.

Setherial-Hell Eternal LS (XL) 60,- Euro.
BRANDNEW! UNWORN! Really great longsleeve with quality print.

Necrophobic- Womb of Lilithu ts (XL) 30,- Euro.
Only frontprint. Officially licensed Tshirt.

Belphegor -Osculum Infame White Hood.Zipper (XL) 70,- Euro.
Comes with 2 plectrums, 2 large patches, and poster.Exclusive licensed from the band.
Moonspell- Wolfheart ts (XL) 35,- Euro.
Reprint of the old design.Bought at  an E-store in Greece.
Moonspell- Wolfheart ts (XL) 40,- Euro.
Reprint. New design (2018). Bought at the Official Moonspell webshop.
Paimonia- Disease named Humanity ts (XL) 25,- Euro.
RARE! Serbian Black/ Death Metal Gotenburg style.
Liar of Golgotha- Dwell Within...20th Year anniversary custom tshirt (XL) 35,- Euro.
Custom made tshirt on order, in honor of ''Dwell Within...'' 20th Year anniversary.(2018)
AgallochOf Stone, Wind, And Pillor ts (XL) 25,- Euro.
Slaughter Messiah- Putrid Invokation ts (XL) 25,- Euro.
Limited edition Baseball design. Feat. L.Sabathan (Ex-ENTHRONED) on bassguitar,vocals.
SAURON- True Hate Embodiment ts (XL) 35,- Euro.
Tshirt from the demodays. Straight from corresponce with the drummer of the band.

Gehenna- Malice custom ts (XL) 35,- Euro.
Custom made tshirt on order.Front.Malice albumart, back.bandpicture.
Emperor- In the Nightside Eclipse (2018) LS (XL) 45,- Euro.
Custom made by Fullmoon Shop.Limited edition.2nd print (?!)
Osculum Infame- Manifesto from the Dark Age ts (XL) 25,- Euro
Came as a bundle with the mlp, sold by Osmose. view
Exiled from Light- There is no Beauty left here... ts (XL) 45,- Euro.
Superrare, and limited! Import from the Hypnotic Dirge Shop. Exiled From Light was an 1 man-Depressive Black Metal band from Auckland,New Zealand, runned by Mort.
Front.Mort, back.The line '' There is no Beauty left here...'' (2010)
Asphyx- Death...The brutal Way ts (XL) 30,- Euro.
Limited edition! Front.Red Pentagram. Death...The brutal Way, back. blank.
Ordered straight from Bob Bagchus (Ex-Asphyx) back in the days.
Sargeist- Tyranny Returns Hood.Zipper (XL) 45,- Euro.
Great quality hoodie with a killer giant size backprint!

Koldbrann- Threshing Europe 2007 ts (XL) 45,- Euro.
Bought at their ''Threshing Europe tour 2007-Moribund Europe Tour pt.II

Ancestral Fog- A.I.D.S  ts (XL) 40,- Euro.
Black Metal project from France, featuring Perversifier from Merrimack in the ranks.

BURZUM-  Pesten LS (XL) 75 Euro.
RARE! First print! Colour is abit faded through time.

BURZUM- Burzum LS (XL) 75,- Euro.
RARE! First print! Colour is abit faded through time.
BURZUM-  Tour '92  ts (XL) 65,- Euro.
Alot of request for this shirt! Truly a gem. ''Coming soon to a Church near You''.

Immortal- Pure Holocaust LS (XL) 60,-Euro.
Not able to say how many of the next prints this is. Got the longsleeve for a longer period.
Emperor- Rider LS (XL) 60,- Euro.
Reprint of the original version. Candlelight on sleeve  now written in red letters.
A duplicate of the Original.
Mayhem- Legion LS (XL) 55,- Euro.
One of the first prints! I was one of the first obtaining a copy.
Mayhem- De Mysteriis Dom Satanas LS (XL) 75,- Euro.
One of the follow up reprints.Not the original first print. Nice looking copy!
This edition has on the front: Mayhem logo in white, where the nowadays Official ones are black, with a white outline.The pink church included on the front.Back,The three 'famous' faces.
Mayhem- Mediolanum Capte Est LS (XL) 75,- Euro.
RARE! First print! Excellent condition.RARE find! Especially as longsleeve edition.
Mayhem- Dead, Live in Leipzig LS (XL) 75,- Euro.
First print! The condition still is quite good for its time. No holes etc.

Mayhem- Wolfs Lair Abyss ts (XL) 55,-Euro.
First print! Shows cracks in print through time.

Mayhem- Maniac ts (XL) 55,-Euro.
First print! Shows cracks in print through time.

Behemoth- Europa Satanica 2000 LS (XL) 80,- Euro.
European Tour in the Year 2000.

Gorgoroth- Pest. The Sin of Satan, is the Sign of Gorgoroth LS (XL) 80,- Euro.
SUPERRARE! There is alot of request for this gem.

Dissection- Storm of the Light Bane SLEEVELESS ts (XL) 60,- Euro.
ORIGINAL! First print. Ordered as one of the first ones.

Zwartplaag- Haatstorm ts (XL) 20,- Euro.
Dutch Black Metal from South Holland.
Taake- Shield SLEEVELESS ts (XL) 65,-Euro.
Original first print tshirt, since the first days! Only frontprint.
As worn by ex-bandmembers themelves.

Enslaved- Mardraum SLEEVELESS ts (XL) 45,- Euro.
Tshirt from the Mardraum-Beyond the Within-era.

Judas Iscariot- Heaven in Flames ts (XL) 25,-Euro.
Poor quality.Sewed holes and out of shape.Goes away for a soft price.
Impaled Nazarene- Nihil ts (XL) 55,-Euro.
Nowadays a rare gem! Smoke crack, and Worship Satan.

Impaled Nazarene- Hammering Down the Satan's law  SLEEVELESS ts (XL) 55,-Euro.
CULT! Rare find these days.

Mor Dagor- Crucified Slave ts (XL) 45,-Euro.
Tshirt from the band's demodays. The drummer also played in Belphegor, Austria.

God Dethroned- Lair of the White Worm SLEEVELESS tshirt (XL) 45,- Euro.
Hard to get shirt these days. Aren't all the God Dethroned shirts?!

Dimmu Borgir- Norway SLEEVELESS ts (XL) 65,-Euro.
Out of stock for many Years! The original first print of Dimmu Borgir  ''Norway''.

As Stormclouds Gather- For You my Blood LS (XL) 35,-Euro.
Underground Black Metal from Bavaria, Germany. Only 10 longsleeves were made.
Got 1 through correspondence with the vocalist Dalamar.

Inquisition- logo LS (XL) 35,-Euro.
Black Metal from the States.Bought the shirt with a show at Goudvishal, Arnhem (Netherlands).
Dynamo Open Air1666 ts (XL) 30,- Euro.
For the fanatics! Dynamo Open Air, Festival 1999.Mierlo (North Brabant)

Israthoum-logo LS (XL) 35,-Euro.
New longsleeve (2018). Import from Mexico. Dutch/ Portuguese Black Metal. Includes pin.
Altar- Youth Against Christ LS (XL) 35,- Euro.
OFFICIAL licensed 2018 reprint of the infamous classic ' Youth Against Christ' shirts from the nineties.Comes with the identical front and backprint.
Anarchos-Invocation of Moribund Spirits ts (XL) 25,- Euro.
Tshirt of their debut full length. Only frontprint. Dutch Old School Death Metal.
Import from Sweden's Blood Harvest Records. Logo and title printed in colour blue, artwork in black/white.
Mysticum-In The Streams Of Inferno ts (XL) 30,- Euro.
Tshirt with front and backprint.

Mysticum-Medusas Tears ts (XL) 35,- Euro.
Tshirt from  the demodays. Import through Cult Never Dies,England.
Comes with a license of  authenticity.
Enslaved-Vikingligr Veldi ts (XL) 25,- Euro.
Only frontprint of their debut full length.Re-issue with full colour print.
Svartsyn- In Death ts (XL) 25 Euro.
NEW !!! Straight from the Carnal Records store.
Gehenna-First Spell LS (XL) 70,- Euro.
Import from Primitive Reaction store, Finland. Long sought and hard to get shirt. Comes with the original frontprint, and bandpicture with text on the back.
Bethlehem-logo ts (XL) 20,- Euro
Logo on the front. Blank on the back.
Naglfar -Horncrowned Majesty ts (XL) 35,- Euro.
Superrare shirt, and only available at one webstore. Officially licensed by the band.
Beautiful design with full colour print in gold. Full front and backprint.
Katatonia-For Funerals to Come ts (XL)  40,- Euro.
Beautiful design of this classic. Comes as full design front and back, with print on sleeve.
UNWORN! Original card still is attached to the collar.

Tsjuder- Legion Helvete ts (XL) 30,- Euro
First edition! Black/White front and backprint. Bandpicture on back.
Tymah- The Past Is Alive LS (XL) 30,- Euro.
RARE! Beautiful quality longsleeve. Ordered through No Colours back in the days.
Comes with front and backprint. Black Metal from Hungary!

Sorhin-Apokalypsens Angel ts (XL) White 45,- Euro.
Superrare beautiful Tshirt, ordered through Helter Skelter, Sweden. Black on white front and backprint.
Deus Mortem-logo ts (XL) White 30,- Euro.
UNWORN! Limited edition tshirt. Polish Black Metal force! Comes with front and backprint.
Import from Polen.Great quality! 
Malign- Divine Facing ts (XL) Grey 45,-Euro
Black on grey print. Front and back design. Sold out for many years, and hard to get!

Ascension-Lucifer ts (XL) 30,- Euro.
Front and backprint in gold colour. Occult Black Metal from Germany.

Rotten Casket-Consumed by Filth ts (XL) 25,- Euro.
Dutch Rotten Old School Death Metal. Totally sold out shirt! Front and backprint.

Emperor- As The Shadows Rise ts (XL) 40,- Euro. SOLD !!!
UNWORN! From the Fullmoon Shop Years ago. Out of print!

Ildjarn- Ildjarn LS (XL)  60,- Euro.
UNWORN! Beautiful longsleeve with every explicit detail. Front and backprint. Handled as a treasure, and stored in a carton box in time. CULT!
Stielas Storhett- Vandrer...ts (XL) white 35,- Euro.
UNWORN! Great Black Metal from Russia. Ordered straight from the label. First shipment got lost in the mail, and the label sended me another one for free. RARE!
Djevel -Norske Ritualer ts (XL) 30,- Euro.
Red on black print. RARE! Was originally sold as bundle with the album.
Harakiri For The Sky- Aokigahara ts (XL) 30,- Euro
Black Metal/Shoegaze from Austria. Shirt is in perfect shape. Front is same as albumart.
Lunar Aurora- Crypt Of The Nameless ts (XL) 30,- Euro.
UNWORN! Great shirt with large front and backprint! From the split with Nordlys.

Blodsrit- Diktat Deliberi ts (XL) 30,- Euro.
From their latest studioalbum in 2012. Only frontprint.
Marduk-Plague Angel LS (XL) 40,- Euro.
First print! In excellent condition. Comes with front and backprint. Picture members on back.
Horna- Vihan Tie tshirt (XL) 30,- Euro.
In great shape, consider it has been years buying the shirt. Put away in a carton box.
Deathspell Omega- Logo tshirt (XL) 30,- Euro.
Logo on front. No backprint. This band needs no introduction...French elite!

Nehemah- The Elder Gods Awakening ts (XL) 60,- Euro.
In NEW condition. Hard to get shirt nowadays. RARE! French Black Metal CULT!
Kristallnacht  -Blooddrenched Memorial ts (XL) 60,- Euro.
Not sure where I got it, but must be RARE nowadays! French NS Black Metal.

Funeral Mist- Salvation ts (XL) 30,- Euro.
Swedish Black Metal with Arioch a.k.a Mortuus (Marduk, Triumphator).
Watain- Tour 2004  with Dissection ts (XL) 140,- Euro.
Looks like brandnew! Handled with care through the Years. Red on black Tshirt, with tourdates on the back. Bought it at a sold-out show Metropool, Hengelo (Netherlands).
Aborym-Generator LS (XL) 60,- Euro.
Black/Industrial Metal. The longsleeve is in perfect condition. Front is a large Demon face.
Backprint is a small Pentagram below the collar.
Nokturnal Mortum- NeChrist LS (XL) 45,- Euro.
Straight from the Ukraine infamous Musical Hall Metal Distribution.

Zyklon-B -Blood Must Be Shed ts (XL) 40,- Euro.
NEW! Bought from an Italian label as Deadstock. The infamous project featuring Aldrahn (Dodheimsgard), Frost (Satyricon), Samoth (Emperor) and Ihsahn (Emperor). view

Nocturnal Depression- Spleen Black Metal ts (XL) 40,- Euro.
NEW! Yellow coloured front and backprint. With bandmembers on the back.
ShininG-Halmstad ts (XL) 35,- Euro.
NEW! Still in schrinkwrap. Import from England.Front identical as CD cover. Back: Niklas Kvarforth.
Nachtmystium-Not White Power...But White Powder ts (XL) 60,- Euro.
UNWORN! U.S import. RARE and hard to get. Reaper on front sniffin' powder. No backprint.
Behemoth-Grom ts (XL) 30,- Euro.
Bought from a deadstock. Behemoth in the classic line-up. Baal, Les and Nergal.
Front the Grom albumart, and on the back bandpicture.
Graveland-In The Glare Of Burning Churches LS (XL)  65,- Euro.
UNWORN! RARE! Mexican import. Graveland demodays. Print is same as demo artwork.
Sleeves are also full printed. Really nice longsleeve.
Marduk-Funeral Nation 2009, European Tour. ts (XL) 70,- Euro.
NEW! Still in schrinkwrap. Treated it with care. From the 2009 European tour.
Bought it at a show at ATAK, Enschede/ Netherlands.
Limbonic Art-Moon In The Scorpio ts (XL) 45,- Euro 
Re-print! NEW! Still in schrinkwrap! Front and backprint.
GROMM-Sacriligium ts (XL) 30,- Euro.
Black Metal from Ukraine. Released by Propaganda Recs. runned by Lucifugum members.Bought straight at the shop.
Gorgoroth-Pentagram HSW (XL) 80 Euro.
1st print! Great quality Hoodie. With front and backprint. Original version!
Urgehal- Through Thick Fog Till Death ts (XL) 30,- Euro.
Front and back print. Bandpicture on back.
Beastcraft-Baptism In Blood and Goatsemen ts (XL) 65,- Euro.
Side-band of Trondr Nefas from Urgehal. Red on black front and backprint.
Mortiis- Fodt Til a Herske LS (XL) 75,- Euro.
NEW! Re-edition. Licensed through Heidens Hart Recs. RARE!
Mortiis-Anden Som Gjorde Oppror LS (XL) 75,- Euro.
NEW! Re-edition. Licensed through Heidens Hart Recs. RARE!
Marduk- Nightwing  LS (XL) 70,- Euro.
Classic! In great quality. Stored in carton box for years. With the CULT  lineup, Legion, B-War, Morgan, Fredrik.

Abruptum- Logo (Gold) ts (XL) 65,- Euro.
Great tshirt! Saved it in a carton box. Gold on black print. Backprint is the label logo from Euronymous Deathlike Silence Productions. RARE!

Faustcoven- logo/ Reaper LS (XL) Grey 40,- Euro.
Frontprint and small backprint below the collar. RARE!
Temple Koludra- Temple Koludra ts (XL) 30,- Euro.
German Occult Black Metal! Shirt from their debut mcd/mlp 2013.
Isengard- Vinterskugge ts (XL) 45,- Euro.
Official licensed. 1st print. Old side-project of Fenriz from Darkthrone.
Isengard- Death Is Certain...Life Is Not ts (XL) 45,- Euro.
Official licensed. Old side-project of Fenriz from Darkthrone.
Ulver-Eight Hymns To The Wolf In Man ts (XL) 45,- Euro.
Bootleg. Front same print as CD. Back, tracklist of album.
Dimmu Borgir- For All Tid ts (XL) 45,- Euro.
Shirt with front old logo and Pentagram. Back, a line of text.
Satyricon-The Conquering Of Europe Tour 1996 ts (XL) 140,- Euro.
Kept saved  it in a carton box all the time. Great condition for its age.
Front and  backprint. Front Nemesis Divina bandpicture, Back the tourdates.
Arckanum- Kampen ts (XL) 45,- Euro.
Shirt of the recent deceased band (febr.2018) Arckanum. Offical licensed.
Glorior Belli- Gators Rumble, Chaos Unfurls ts (XL) 30,- Euro.
Black Metal from France. Sealed in original package. Agonia Records. Only frontprint.

CD's: Black, Death, Thrash, Doom, Metal.
(The list on Discogs gets updated frequently)

''Prices for cd's are 15,00 Euro, unless stated otherwise.'' 
All prices are exclusive shipping. Mail us for the correct shipping rate.We ship Worldwide!
Registered and secured packaging.

As Stormclouds Gather (Black Metal)-Beyond The Gates Of Sorrow MCD 10,- (2018)
Featuring Bloodhammer (Marduk) on drums. SOLD OUT !!!

Abigor (Black Metal)-Verwüstung / Invoke the Dark Age, Opus IV 2CD 22,50,-
Aborym (Industrial/Black Metal)-Generator Digipack CD
Aeternus (Dark Metal)-A Darker Monument CD
Ancient (Black Metal)-Det Glemte Riket CD
Ancient (Black Metal)-Svartalvheim
Ancient Wisdom (Black Metal)-The Calling CD
Archgoat (Black Metal)-Whore of Bethlehem CD/DVD 20,-
Arckanum (Trollish Black Metal)-Trulen CD 50,00,-
Arckanum (Trollish Black Metal)-spl.Svartsyn CD 30,-
Arckanum (Trollish Black Metal)-11 years anniversary CD 45,-
Armagedda (Black Metal)-The Final War approaching  CD
Armagedda (Black Metal)-Only true believers... CD
Anouk-Anouk Is Alive 2CD 17,50,-
Anouk-Anouk Is Alive  2DVD 20,-
Artifact Of Skulls- III: Luciferian Blasphemy Cas.tape 15,-

Beastcraft (Black Metal)-Dawn of the Serpent CD
Beherit (Black Metal)-Beast of Beherit (complete worxxx) CD
Beherit (Black Metal)-Drawing down the Moon CD 1st press 20,-
Behexen (Black Metal)-Rituale Satanum CD
Behexen (Black Metal)-By the blessing of Satan CD
Blodulv (Black Metal)-Diatribe MCD
Bloodshed (Death tal)-Inhabitants of Dis CD
Blut Aus Nord- MoRT Slipcase CD (2006) 17.50,-

Clandestine Blaze (Black Metal)-Fist of the Northern Destroyer CD
CRAFT (Black Metal)-Total Soul Rape  CD

Dimmu Borgir (Symphonic Black Metal)-The Devil's Path MCD 25,-
Dimmu Borgir (Symphonic Black Metal)-Enthrone Darkness Triumphant Digipack CD 25,-
Dimmu Borgir (Symphonic Black Metal)-Death Cult Armageddon Digipack CD
Dimmu borgir (Symphonic Black Metal)- Spiritual Black Dimensions CD/CD-R 20,-
Disiplin (Black Metal)-Anti life CD
Darvaza- The Downward Descend CD 22,50,-
Dunnock- Spl. Intergalactic Holocaust CD
Comes with Patch. 

Enthral (Industrial/Black Metal)-Subterranean Movement CD

Funeral WindsGodslayer Xul CD 18.50,-
First press.Original edition.Different version than the re-release.
Funeral WindsKoude Haat CD
Funeral WindsNexion Xul-The Cursed Bloodline A5 Digipack CD
Recorded with the classical lineup of HellChrist Xul, Rogier Droog (Hell Militia, Weltbrand)
and B.Xul (Infinity).Released by the 'Destroyed by Fire' Sadolust Records.RARE!
Fortid (Black Metal)-The demo sessions CD
Fortid-9 CD
FURZE (Psydelic Black Metal)-Trident Autocrat CD

God Dethroned-Passiondale (Passchendaele) Digipack 2CD 25,-
CD2 contains live tracks.
Grafvitnir-Venenum Scorpionis Digi-CD 20,-
Excellent Majestic Swedish Black Metal performed at highest level. 

Glorior Belli-Gators Rumble, Chaos Unfurls Digi-CD 
French elitists Black Metal !!! 

Hades Almighty (Black Metal)-The Pulse of Decay CD reissue
Helheim (Viking/Black Metal)-The journeys and the experiences of Death Digipack 2CD 20,-
2nd cd features excl.guest appearance of Big Boss (ROOT)

Impaled Nazarene (Black Metal)-Death come in 26 carefully selected pieces.(LIVE)
Digipack CD
Impaled Nazarene (Black Metal)-Suomi Finland Perkele & Motörpenis Digipack CD
Feat.Suomi Finland Perkele (1994) and as bonus the Motörpenis ep (1996)
Impaled Nazerene (Black Metal)-Decade of Decadence CD
Impaled Nazarene/Beherit (Black Metal)-Day Of Darkness Festifall CD
Infinity-Back To The Source (Summon The Black Flame) Digipack CD
Handnumbered 106/250. Featuring covertracks and rarities.
Infinity-Non De Hac Terra CD
Infestum-Monuments Of Exalted CD 17,50,-
Black/Industrial from Belarus, in the vein of Mysticum.
Infestum-Ta Natas CD  17,50,-
Black/Industrial from Belarus, in the vein of Mysticum.
Comes with a CD-R bonusvideo. 

Judas Iscariot-Heaven in Flames CD 

Koldbrann (Black Metal)-Moribund CD
Koldbrann (Black Metal)-Nekrotisk Inkvisition CD 1st press. 25,-
Kyprian's Circle (Black Metal)-Noitatulen Vartija MCD 70,-

Lord Belial (Death/Black Metal)-Angelgrinder CD 25,-
Lord Belial-Nocturnal Beast CD 25,-
Lord Belial-Revelation (The 7th Seal) CD 25,-

Mactatus (Black Metal)-Blot CD
Mactatus (Black Metal)-Provenance of Cruelty CD
Misteltein (Symphonic Black Metal)-Rape in rapture CD
Moonsorrow (Black/Viking Metal)-Suden Uni CD/DVD 25,-
Re-edition of the 2001 first press which comes with extra bonus material, live footage from TUSKA, Open Air festival, and 2 exclusive videoclips.
Moonsorrow (Black/Viking metal)-Kivenkantaja CD
Moonsorrow (Black/Viking Metal)-Voimasta Ja Kunniasta CD 
Mysticum (Industrial/Black Metal)-Lost Masters of the Universe CD
Malhkebre- Revelation Digipack CD
Harsh Black Metal from France. Released in 2014 by Voidhanger Records.
Moonspell-Irreligious CD 
Rerelease featuring Opium (Radio edit)
My Dying Bride-Like Gods Of The Sun CD 
Britains finest Doom Metal act returns again with a timeless classic.

Nebular Mystic (Black Metal)-Necrotic CD
Nephenzy (Death/Black)-Where death becomes art CD
Nattergal-Apocalypse Of Soul CD (2018)

Nordwitch-  3-track promo  10,-
Ukraine/ Hungarian Blackened Death Metal. Biography included.

Obsidian TongueA nest of ravens in the throat of time (import from Canada) CD
Bought in straight from the Hypnotic Dirge Records shop. 1st press, and totally sold-out !
Black Metal from the United States. Featuring guest appearance by John Haughm (Agalloch, Pillorian). Only 4 copies available !!!

Old Funeral (Death Metal)-Grim Reaping Norway CD
Ondskapt (Black Metal)-Draco...CD 1st press. 25.-
Ornaments Of Sin- Inhale Zyklon-B CD 20,-
French National Socialist Nihilistic Black Metal !!! Released in 2002 as limited edition of 888 copies. Comes with a Burzum cover 'Stemmen Fra Tarnet'. THR 011
Blocked on Marketplace Discogs for unknown reasons.

Ordo Draconis-When The Cycle Ends Cas.tape 65,-
SUPERRARE Cassette demotape. First band of Rogier Droog (Funeral Winds, Weltbrand, Hell Militia) !!! Handnumbered. 

Ordo Draconis- In Speculis Noctis MCD 45,-
Handnumbered copy. First band of Rogier Droog (Funeral Winds, Weltbrand, Hell Militia) !!!

Pest (Black Metal)-Hail the Black Metal Wolves of Belial CD

RÁN-Doomsday Eve CD 10,-
Live CD with recordings from 2011.view
RÁN-Thrash Black Test Session CD 10,-
Chaotic Black Metal from Iceland. Very limited Demo CD.view

Sacramentum (Black/Death Metal)-The coming of chaos CD
Sagh (Stoner)-I CD
Sargeist (Black Metal)-Discipline of the Heinous Path CD
Satanic Warmaster (Black Metal)-Carelian Satanist Madness CD
Saison De Rouille- Caduta Dei Gravi Digipack CD
French Avantgarde Black Metal, released by Necrocosm Records in 2013.

SAURON-True Hate Embodiment MCD 15,-
Demodays of this Dutch Black Metal terror.
Soul Dissolution-Pale Distant Light Digipack CD
Their debut! Featuring Marche Funebre, L'Hiver en Deuil members.
Melodic Black Metal from Belgium.

Sepulchral Cries-A Sombre Soul CD 17,50,-
Black Metal from Denmark featuring Blodarv member. RARE !!!
Sepulchral Cries-Misery Exhibits CD 
Black Metal from Denmark featuring Blodarv member. RARE !!!

TAAKE (Black Metal)-Nekro ep
Thyrfing (Viking/Black Metal)-Vansinnesvisor CD
Trelldom (Black Metal)-Til Minne...CD
Trelldom (Black Metal)-Til Evighet...CD
Tsjuder (Black Metal)-Desert Northern Hell Digipack CD
Tsjuder (Black Metal)-Kill for Satan CD
Torrent- Between The Stones MCD/MLP BUNDLE! Same material on both. 35,-
Featuring Akhenaten (Judas Iscariot) and Rene 'Kanwulf' Wagner of Nargaroth. view

U2- Popmart, Live from Mexico City Live DVD 12,50,-
Urgehal (Black Metal)-Arma Christi CD 1st press. 25,-

VLTImAs- Something Wicked Marches In Digi-CD 22,50-
New SUPERBAND with David Vincent (Ex-Morbid Angel), Rune 'Blasphemer' Eriksen (Ex-Mayhem) & Flo Mounier (Cryptopsy)

Void Of Silence-The Sky Over Digi-pack CD
Epic Doom from Italy.

Compilation CD:

Rock Tribune-  21 CD's without the Magazines.  40,- Euro.
Belgian Metal/Rock Magazine. Compilations where included with each single issue.

For  the full list of compilations visit

Vinyl/ lp's:
(The list on Discogs gets updated frequently)

Siebenburgen- Loreia lp (black) 30,- Euro.
Debut. Re-release, lim.500 handnumbered copies.
Siebenburgen- Grimjaur lp (black) 30,- Euro.
2nd album. Re-release, lim.500 handnumbered copies.
Les Discrets- Ariettes Oubliées...lp (Clear) 35,- Euro.
Including poster. Comes with a free Prophecy Productions compilation CD (2017). Limited edition 500 copies.
Odem Arcarum- Outrageous Reverie Above The Erosion Of Barren Earth 2lp (black) 60,- Euro.
Limited edition of 400 copies.Comes with an envelope including postcards.
Featuring Michael Zech (Ar, Arioch) from Secrets of the Moon.
Necrophobic-Womb of lilithu 2lp (black) 40,- Euro.
250 copies worldwide.
Graveyard Ghoul-The living cemetary lp (black) 18,- Euro.
Debut of these Old School German Death Metal maestros.
Urfaust- Ritual Music for The True Clochard 2lp (black) 45,-Euro.
A compilation of pre-material. Comes in single sleeve.

Urfaust- Empty Space Meditation lp (Deep blue) 45,- Euro.
Comes with a giant! poster.

The Spirit Cabinet- Hystero Epileptic Possessed lp (black) 45,- Euro.
Feat. IX (Willem) from URFAUST! on vocals.
Arckanum (Trollish Black Metal)-6 lp (black) boxset.Comes with T-shirt, sticker, button 450,-
Unofficial release by Zyklon-B Productions.
Nehëmah (French Black Metal elite) - Tomb Of Thoughts 1992-2004  col.lp boxset 350,-
STALAGGH:Projekt Nihil: 12''lp (black) BUNDLE! with the 7''ep 'Stalaggh' 65,- 
Both are limited edition and handnumbered copies of 'Project Nihil' 034/500 and 'Stalaggh'
92/300. NOISE MUSIC!

Blocked for sale on Discogs Marketplace, under suspicious circumstances!!!

Torrent-Between The Stones MCD/MLP BUNDLE! Same material on both. 35,-
Featuring Akhenaten (Judas Iscariot) and Rene 'Kanwulf' Wagner of Nargaroth. view
SAURONTrue Hate Embodiment MLP 15,- 
Demodays of this Dutch Black Metal terror.
Cepheide- Respire lp (Red black marbled) 25,-
250 copies worldwide. view

Mayhem-Grand Declaration Of War Boxset 350,- 

The entire complete boxset inclusive Picture lp, giant  poster, Digipack CD, logo-pin, Dog tag, sticker, Tshirt (XL). LIMITED EDITION !!!

The box has a tear in the corner, but nothing serious.

Tshirts, Longsleeves, Hooded Sweaters, Zippers:

Moonspell Rites Promotions-10th Anniversary Tshirts. Sept.06th.2008-sept.06th.2018 15,-
At first hand 10 were only pressed, but on request you still  can order one.Backprint design by Christophe Szpajdel- Lord Of The Logos

Never Stop The Madness- Drug Needle TS (XL)  18,-

NEW! Bought in 5 copies straight from Swedrock Merchandise, Sweden. The notorious shirt with the slogan ' Never Stop The Madness' worn by various Underground Black Metal Musicians, for example Marianne Sejourne aka LSK ( Hell Militia, France). view

For more cassettetapes visit

Absent Mind- Shadowkiss Cassette.  20,- Euro.
RARE! The title is refered to a Vampire novel. Dutch Symphonic Black Metal. view

Pest- Schwarze Visionen Cassette. 15- Euro.
RARE! and hard to find!!! Black Metal from Germany. Has been re-released as a boxset  with other material, but this is original 1st press.

Yaotzin- Argus Damnation Cassette.10/20  20,- Euro.
RARE!!! Dutch Extreme Chaotic Black Metal force.

Moonspell Rites. Patches:

Moonspell Rites Promotions patch W10.CM X H15.CM 5,-
Moonspell Rites Productions patch W10.CM X H15.CM 5,-

The Moonspell Rites Promotions patch is decorated  with The Coat Of Arms, from my hometown Eibergen, Netherlands where it all started (more than) 10 Years ago.

The Moonspell Rites Productions patch is decorated with the logo design by Christophe SzpajdelLord Of The Logos

Be sure to make enough space on your battlejacket, 'cause they are HUGE!
Order at bandcamp

Patches, buttons and Pins:

'Some of the items are 2nd hand, and affected by weather conditions like rain, which makes the buttons for example 'rusted alike'.

Grafvitnir- logo Pin 6,- (NEW)

Bathory- Goathead Pin  8,-

Emperor- button 4,-
Funeral Mist- logo Button 4,-
Beherit- Goat  Button 4,-
Watain- logo Button (Red) 4,-
Darkthrone- logo Button 4,-
Watain- Sworn... Button 4,-
Urgehal-logo 4,- Button
Sargeist- logo Button 4,-
Terrorgoat- logo Button 4,-
Endstille- Navigator Button 4,-
Morbid- logo Button 4,-
Endstille- Cross Button 4,-
Watain- Cross Button 4,-
Moonblood- logo Button 4,-
German Reich- Cross Button 4,-
VON- logo Button 4,-
Sauron- logo Button 4,-
Special offer! Haatstrijd-Satansplaag Button 4,-
Comes with patch.
Koldbrann- logo Button 4,-
Mayhem-De Mysteriis Dom...Button 4,-
Archgoat- logo Button 4,-
Flag- Norwegian flag Button 4,-
Bestial Summoning- logo Button 4,-
Funeral Winds- logo Button 4,-
Graveland-logo Button 4,-
1349-logo Button 4,-

'Some of the Patches are 2nd hand, and slightly damaged after 'carefully' removing from the battlevest'.

Marduk- logo Patch 6,-
Asphyx- Crush the Cenotaph Patch 6,-
Gorgoroth- Antichrist Patch 5,-
Gorgoroth- Twilight... Patch 6,-
Marduk- Panzer Division..Patch 6,-
Special offer! Haatstrijd- logo Patch 4,-
Poor quality textile patch, released by the deceased Dutch Sadolust Records.
Comes with button.
Watain- Wolf leather patch 25,-
Only 10 were made of the Wolf Patches.
Sorhin- Logo Patch 6,-
Asphyx- Red logo Patch 6,-
Les Legion Noires (The Black Legions)- Sigil Patch 5,-
Dark Funeral- Asmodeus Patch 6,-
Marduk- Ostergotland Patch 6,-
Burzum- Burzum Patch 6,-
Darkthrone- logo (red) Patch 6,-
German Reich- Cross Patch 5,-
Motorhead- England Patch 6,-
Marduk- Swedish Black Metal Patch 5,-
Beastcraft- logo Patch 8,-
Burzum- Coming soon to a Church Near You Patch 10,-
Large thick embroided patch. Great quality. RARE!!!
Gorgoroth- Antichrist Patch 5,-
Lifelover- Sjukdom Patch 15,-
Large patch with logo sewed on piece of textile. Comes originally with the Sjukdom limited edition boxset. Fits perfect on the front or back of your battlevest. RARE!!!
Emperor- Band. Anthems ... Patch 6,-
Pentagram- Pentagram Patch 5,-
Round shape Satanic pentagram Patch.
Infinity- logo Patch 5,-
Darkthrone- logo Patch  6,-
Logo in silver embroided letters.
Darkthrone- logo Patch 5,-
Watain- logo Patch 6,-
Impaled Nazarene - Gasmask Patch 6,-
Carpathian Forest- Sigil. 4  goatheads 6,-
Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult- Weaponshield 8,-
RARE!!! and out of print in this shape. The patch has a form of a weaponshield.
Bought at the band back in the days.
Marduk- logo. Strip Patch 6,-
Die Hard- logo. Strip Patch  6,-
Comes originally with the 7'' ep.

Books, Magazines:

Terrorizer- BUNDLE!!! English Underground Extreme Metal Music Magazine. 30,- Euro.
'The World's Most Dangerous Music Magazine'. 6 Magazines! and 5 CD's in total!
Fully coloured Magazine with glossy cover. Visit Terrorizer

Issues: #93, #128, #129, #132, #138, #143, #145, #146, #151, #162, #166, #194, #213, #237 The red lined issues are sold !!!

Sweden Rock Magazine- Issue.70  15,- Euro.
Well known Swedish Metal Magazine. Full colour printed. With glossy cover. Lay-out is very thick, and professional done.

Oskorei- Issues 3 and 4 20,-
Oskorei  is a Norwegian Metal Magazine. Comes with both the CD's.

Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles-  May 2003 Issue 15,- Euro.
Canadian/American Underground Metal Music Magazine. Includes CD.

Brutallica- Issue 5. Released in 2000 10,- Euro.
International Underground Metal Magazine.

Rockhard- Issue. March 2006. German Metal Music  Magazine 15,- Euro.
With Black Metal scene special. In German language. Full colour printed. Including CD.

Metal HammerBUNDLE! 4 Magazines in one. 20,- Euro.
Heavy Metal/Rock Magazine from England.Full colour printed Magazine with glossy cover.
Comes with CD.

Funeral March- Issue.2 Swedish Underground Extreme Metal Magazine 20,-
Comes complete with the Compilation CD. RARE! Professional printed black/white layout with glossy cover. Great quality. Stored in a plastic sleeve over the years.

Mandrake- Issue 1. January 2000 10,- Euro
The Magazine was among other runned by a member (Rahab) of Ordo Draconis back then. After this issue not much really happened. Large black/white Magazine with interesting interviews, and a Portuguese scene report.

Silence Diary- Issue February 2000 4,- Euro
Black/white Underground Fan Magazine.

Nordic Vision- no.16 'The first issue of the New Millenium' (2000) 10,- Euro.
Norwegian professional colour printed  Extreme Metal Magazine.

Metal Fear Zine- Issue 3.  5,- Euro.
November 2000 edition. Black/white fanzine.

Ablaze Magazin (GE)- I am selling my entire collection of the German Ablaze Magazin from the nineties. 125,  !!! SOLD !!! SOLD !!! SOLD !!! SOLD !!! SOLD !!!

Comes with the free CD and a poster included with every issue. Of course nowadays the zines are completely sold-out! and rare. 26 Magazines and 22 Compilation CD's in total!

Ablaze Magazin is the ' The Metallic Voice Of Underground', which has been around since the nineties. The Magazine is in the German language, and come often with a free compilation CD and a poster. All the zines are in a decent state, and complete.  Visit Ablaze

'It is a heavyweight, so shipping will be more expensive. Ask for the right sum'.

Oor Magazine- Dutch  Rock/Popmusic Magazine 10,-
Old and rare issue with a rare Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins) interview/special.
The Magazine is in the Dutch language.

Mayhem, 'The True'- The Death Archives 1984- 1994 BOOK 60,-
Paperback. Signed by Jørn 'Necrobutcher' Stubberud. Comes with an exclusive  pin and a patch by Cult Never Dies, in a boxed set. Visit

Burzum- Vargsmal BOOK 35,-
RARE! Pocketsize book with Compilation CD on A5-edition. Comes with a pack of matches.
The bundle comes in a plastic bag. Released by Renatio Records. First edition in 2008, second edition in 2016.

Rockdetector-The A-Z of Black Metal BOOK  50,-
Published by Garry Sharpe-Young. RARE and hard to find !
Copy from private collection. Unfortunaly the book didn't resist
the claws of time, and is severe damaged. However the pages
are still intact. ESSENTIAL !!!

Contact: Moonspell Rites Productions 
Danny Hoenderboom

Bank account info.Iban: NL13RABO0316426334
BIC/SWIFT: RABONL2U (International)

Rabobank,Oost Achterhoek
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